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Handi Quilter National Educator Karen Arnold is coming to town!

Are you looking to expand your longarm skills?  The Quilt Shop is pleased to announce that we are hosting HQ National Educator, Karen Arnold for 3 days of training in our shop.  Classes are June 2 - 4, Thursday - Saturday.

If you sign up for a full day of classes, lunch is included.  Registration links are below each class description.  If you aren't comfortable signing up on-line, please give us a call at 574-822-1270.

Available classes:  

Day 1 Morning:  A Foot Ahead
Class Description: Handi Quilter’s full lineup of feet give you a lot options for quilting projects. This fun workshop lets you see different ways to incorporate techniques with the all the different feet.
Objective: Learn how to incorporate the use of Handi Feet into your quilting projects.
• The many feet available
• Different applications for the feet
• Changing the feet
• Couching
• Attaching binding while on the frame

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Day 1 Afternoon: Beyond Basic Background Fills
Class Description: Interested in building a library of designs you can use with confidence? In this workshop, you’ll identify shapes you already love to quilt, learn how to create pathways to connect designs, and explore using different threads to really make your background fill quilting pop.
Objective: Develop a library of designs that you can quilt with confidence using free motion on your longarm.
• Identify the shapes that you are naturally good at
• Use these shapes to create new pathways
• Audition designs for each quilt
• The impact thread can have on quilting
• Finding the size and shape that best enhance the feature you want to highlight

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Day 2 - Morning Session & Afternoon Session: PS-LD2 Progressive Basics in Simulation - full day

Class Description: Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy and fun. Whether finishing your own quilts or consider a quilting business, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with Pro-Stitcher. New owners – start here!

Objective: Students learn the basics of Pro-Stitcher in simulation by following along or watching demonstrations of Pro-Stitcher features and the basic overview of PS Designer and Catalog

Topics can include:
• Overview of support resources available online
• Overview of menu, functions and design catalog
• Create an area and place a block using Skew, Resize, Xform & Align
• Demo how to set up an e2e design, including wrapped and cropped designs
• What’s the difference between Reposition, Nudge and Drag and Drop
• The many ways to describe an Area on your quilt
• Making designs fit in all spaces with the Modify tools
• Overview of PS Designer & PS Catalog

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Day 3 - Morning & Afternoon Sessions: PSD-LD2 Pro-Stitcher Designer Basics 1-full day

Class Description: Pro-Stitcher Designer is full featured, vector-based drawing software gives you the ability to quickly design, edit, customize, export and import any quilting motif you can imagine. This class will start with a basic overview of the easy-to-use features. New users will be creating their own digital designs for their next quilting project by the end of this class!

Objective: Students will understand the basics of how to edit and create designs using PS Designer.
Topics can include:
• Overview of support resources available online
• Overview of user interface, basic functions and design catalog
• Draw basic designs using the Draw tools then add stitches and save
• Bring in a backdrop and layout a quilt
• Basic editing of designs to make them fit any space
• Auto-Digitizing basics, including the Magic Wand
• Use Carousel, Reflect, Rays and Echo Quilting to create unique block designs
• Use backdrops to layout whole quilt designs
• Text Tools for personalizing quilting designs
• Connecting Designs
• When to use Trim, Weld and Intersect
• PS Catalog basics

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